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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Classes for you

I'm offering classes customized for you. I have so many techniques in my hat  that I've decided it is best for you to decide what you want to learn and when. So here's how it works:

painted plant stand

step 2 of faux stone using roller rock

decorative painting
faux finish

Finished faux stone, roller rock
  • you choose the class: Furniture painting professional paint techniques, venetian plaster, basic faux finishes, marble and granite faux, concrete finishes for countertops , resurface concrete floors with "Roller Rock " or " Skimstone" , decorative painting.  There are more ideas than I can list.... so feel free to request a class that you don't see here
  • Sign up your friends:  Or have a private class. Divide the hourly fee among 2 or 10. 
  • Reserve a location:  Heated room, seating, one or more banquet size tables, running water ( hot and cold ) . 
  • Set the time and schedule the date .
The fee for instruction is 55.00 per hour. Many classes are 2 hours , not more than 3 hours. Some classes can be formed into a series running several consecutive weeks. Example would be furniture painting and faux finishes. But both of these can also be tailored to a one time class . Mix and match

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