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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Staining Shelves

  1. Just finished the shelves. I'll have to give you more info. Much easier than I thought it would be since they had been stained and sealed previously. I found the perfect product, Cabot solid color acrylic deck stain. I went through 2 days of debate in my head on what to use to get the look without sanding down the entire unit to the raw wood. this particular job didn't justify doing that much prep.  I'll show a photo when it's cured and put together. Turned out beautiful!  
1.  lightly sand  surface, I used a sanding sponge, spent 20 minutes sanding. 

2.  Good 2 1/2 sash brush. I used a Proform brush . Purdy is always a good choice. 

3.  wet bristles before beginning and periodically dip in an inch of water to help with application. Brush stain on, then wipe off . I kind of rub lightly with an old white gym sock or tea shirt. Apply to an area quickly and wipe before drying and continue on to keep a wet edge. Don't brush too large of an area that you can't get wiped off before it starts to set. I started on the inner sides of the shelving unit because they are smaller areas. 1 ft X 4 ft works well at one time. 

4 Done!!!

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