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" Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities . Truth isn't "

Mark Twain

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ethiopian Easter Dinner

So , it's sprinkling today in Oklahoma where my oldest daughter lives. So I'm not coaching her on painting. Instead I'm preparing for an Ethiopian feast tomorrow. Made the buttermilk cheese last night ,the spiced clarified butter and jalepeno salsa. Tonight I'll be cleaning chicken and getting some of the " Wut" ready. Wut is any dish that is made with the hot chili powder like mix of spices and well cooked onions, I need to leave time tomorrow to make the injera and the national chicken and boiled egg dish, along with the kaya-wut ( beef in red sauce ) . The injera is the crepe like bread you use to eat with . AWESOME flavor  in everything. Oh yeah.... spinach with sauteed potatoes , onions and one jalepeno for flavor. I don't cut the pepper open so you get the flavor but it isn't TOO hot. I'll take photos and post them monday . This is always a 3 day prep for a meal like this and I love sharing the experience. I would invite everyone if I thought I had enough help to do it right .

We've been doing ethiopian for 30 plus yrs in our family since my children's father is from Ethiopia and I had some wonderful relatives and one friend/sister from Ethiopia coach and teach me so much about the culture and the food. Beautiful, gracious women. I named my second daughter after the friend . Sometimes I get the feeling she has my friends blood in her.... it's as though, along with the name she inherited some of her grace , beauty and tough spirit.


  1. This food is so yummy!! Laura, will you come to my house and cook this for me? I will just have to imagine and remember how good it is- and the aroma!

  2. oh if only I could be there! I can about imagine what aromas are filling the kitchen...

  3. I wish I could invite everyone to dinner. It did turn out great. I had some help this time from family in preparing the vegies and meats. Lots of cleaning and chopping.