Truth.... isn't it strange?

" Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities . Truth isn't "

Mark Twain

Monday, April 25, 2011

Doro Wut and Injera

Here is the final product. I actually had some Teff Flour for the Injera this yr. . I bought it at the little organic food stand on the corner . Their are people farming Teff right here in Oregon now. The other dish you see is the Doro Wut, which means Chicken ( Doro ) and red sauce ( Wut ) . It's the national dish, served with hard boiled eggs that have been serrated to absorb the sauce for flavor. You use the injera bread to eat with. No silver ware. I've always felt so cloddish around my graceful ethiopian friends and relatives. they seem to have graciousness, poise and the gift of hospitality in their blood.

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