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Friday, April 13, 2012

painted dressers done

finally completely finished and waiting for delivery

Oil base on the foundation after sanding and priming with an oil based primer. First lesson in completing a piece of fine art is knowing what kind of paint to use and where. I then used liquitex acrylic soft bodied art paints for the decorative work. 

closeup of the design on top of dresser. I used metallic antique bronze for accents and also touched up the old hardware with this paint before putting a clear sealer over them. The decoratively painted surfaces all got a couple of coats of clear satin lacquer to protect the paint.

Another closeup.... when painting with acrylic art paints on furniture you must finish the piece with a clear sealer of some sort, either water based poly urethane ( brushed on ) or a spray lacquer. I used satin finish lacquer that has the same sheen as the satin finish oil paint I used for the foundation color. 

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