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Mark Twain

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bathroom remodel

I primed the wood in the bathroom this morning before getting to work on mirrors in my studio. We are re- doing the hall bath in a very old funky house. Had to use Zinsser " Cover Stain " for the priming. It's an oil based stain blocking primer much like the original KILZ. So ..... I have a teeny weeny little bath that is the main house bathroom . We are putting a new tub ,toilet and vanity in ( all are space saving units ) We are spending a total of 3,500 max on everything including the plumber. I'll be mudding soon and tiling. Awesome tile and we got a really cool little sink for in the corner from IKEA .

I'm off to paint mirrors now.

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  1. Great work with re-modeling! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel