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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

more painting

So , my daughter called and is painting the outside of her house , since she got the bids in from the pros. They came in from 1600- 5500. Big difference huh? I say , " you get what you pay for " but that isn't always the case. Anyway.... She is attempting to do the prep herself and see how far she gets. I may fly down and do some work with her if I get the time.
Here are my basic tips to get her started

1. wire brush and or scrape all the flaking paint. There are primers now that are made for peeling paint that is not scraping off.... one is called " peel stop" by Zinsser. expensive but definitely worth it. It bonds the paint that is left with the raw wood . Great sealer and primer.   for the places that scraped down to the raw wood , I told her to use "Cover Stain" by Zinsser . it is oil based and I use a cheap throw a way brush or roller for this. Brush is called a Chip Brush. 1 or 2 dollars and they are everywhere. Look like a flat pine handle with tan natural bristles . Refinishers use them for staining . The shed some so I beat it a bit before the first use. pick out the loose bristles.
Always wrap in foil and freeze between uses if you have to stop for a day or two or even a few weeks. Same with the roller. This primer is great for blocking any wood tannins or water stains from bleeding through the finished paint.

2. You can use oil or water based paint over any primer regardless if it is oil based or water based. So for a better seal on raw wood I make it a habit to use oil primers. " Cover Stain" dries within 45 minutes . Humid conditions , maybe 2 or 3 times as long. So don't be afraid of the oil thing! 

3. Do your caulking after the priming. You'll see more of the work you need to do after you prime and the caulk doesn't need priming.

Tell me what you want to know about painting. Problems you've come across.

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