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Mark Twain

Friday, January 14, 2011

faux finish

Rag Rolling. Well.... I just this morning finished completing a job for a customer who had tried to follow a "do it yourself" instructional on rag rolliing . She had followed all the steps perfectly and yet the finish was completely non existent. I mean invisible, not even a hint of color over the original foundation color. We changed the glaze colors drastically to achieve the look she had seen in the pamphlet.

Their are certain basic principles and methods to follow in glazing that make the work easier. # 1 - going from dark to light is more difficult than starting with a lighter shade on the foundation . This was the problem with the noted finish. It called for a chocolate foundation color , then using a very light glaze mix over it. The darker the foundation , the darker the glaze over it needs to be. If it is lighter .... it will either be invisible or worse , it will look foggy or chalky. Instead I used a metallic bronze glaze mixed with glazing liquid. The bronze is from Modern Masters . Not cheap but goes a very long way. The outcome has a different look than what she saw in the photos but is beautiful and she loves it. Rich.

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