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Mark Twain

Friday, February 11, 2011

color consult

I just stopped by to see the results of a color consult I had done before the holidays. Took a few photos. I should have taken more but, I will tell you about it.

 She found me through the yellow pages after applying many paint samples on the walls while the painters were getting antsy. The call came with 2 days left for a deadline. Really a tremendous amount of work was being done to overhaul what had been a rental for 15 yrs  into a home made for beautiful artwork and collected antiques.
Some of the colors I chose were adjustments to those that she already had in mind and others were a complete switch. Or should I say a re-arrangement of colors. I brought in the dark teal to accent the slate counters that she was having installed. The pumpkin color was a color she loved and planned to have on the cabinets. Instead it was put on the walls as a compliment to the dark woods on the opposite wall.

The gold in the living room was what I would call an adjustment to what she had chosen. I could see from the samples what the desired look was . I never want to change your style.... my desire is to create the finish look you have in mind. Sometimes ( as in the cabinet color ) I'll raise another alternative to enhance the look.

The hall bathroom and hallway was done in a deep red that  had already been chosen.No photos .... sorry. My part was to encourage using the red in the bathroom, which was initially going to be all white. The bathroom had  lots of white tile , black accents , and an overall retro look . The focal piece of artwork being a black and white photo of Martha Graham, which was set nicely by the red .

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