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Friday, September 14, 2012

floor cloth repair

8X10 floor cloth with the business logo. this cloth has had thousands of feet on it since it was displayed at the Eugene home show more for several seasons. I was happy to see that there was no damage or even wear from all the traffic, but rather is strictly due to improper storage. The heat caused softening of the sealer and since it was rolled tightly, the layers stuck together and pulled some of the paint up. 

I often add a touch of tromp l' oeil artwork to a floor piece , especially if it is for a business where you want to draw attention. I felt 10 penny nails would be fitting for this contractor. 
I'm currently repairing a floor cloth that was rolled up and stored in an attic.... probably 110 degrees plus. This is a rug I had done for a contractor to have on the floor of his booth space at home shows. Typically floor cloths are always in use and not stored.  I can give some tips on storage if you have a floor cloth that you want to roll up and store for whatever reason.

Always roll the rug around a hard tube like a carpet tube, right side up so that when you put the rug back down the curl is downward on the floor. Use some cloth to tie around the rolled rug at rope may crimp the rug. Keep the rug in a room or basement that is room temperature. Not under 50 and not over 90. Pretty much the same as how you store your paint cans. The products I use are extremely durable and last a lifetime but when they get heated up or wet they respond like most surfaces.... not well. Actually floor cloths hold up better than any other form of floor rug . One more thing.... I would recommend putting the rolled up floor cloth in a plastic bag and seal it tightly with tape to prevent moisture from getting into it.

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